Drama Story

Samjhota is an unconventional story of a businessman trying to gather himself and his family after his wife’s passing. The drama depicts the difficulties one has to face when his or her better half leaves for the eternal abode. The plot takes an interesting turn when Waqar Ahmed – on his children’s demands – marries Nargis. As the stepmother steps into the house, the children refuse to give her the same status and respect as their mother; now Waqar, unwillingly, has a new crisis to deal with. Will he be able to anchor the ship of his family or will it sink?


Javed Sheikh, Saba Faisal, Adeel Chaudhary, Shaista Lodhi, Mirza Zain Baig, Shazeal Shaukat

Release Date:16th January 2023Director:Asad JabalWriter: Rukhsana NigarTiming: Monday to Thursday at 9PM
Episode NameRelease Date

Samjhota Episode 14

6th February 2023

Samjhota Episode 13

2nd February 2023

Samjhota Episode 12

1st February 2023

Samjhota Episode 11

31st January 2023

Samjhota Episode 10

30th January 2023

Samjhota Episode 9

26th January 2023

Samjhota Episode 8

25th January 2023

Samjhota Episode 7

24th January 2023

Samjhota Episode 6

23rd January 2023

Samjhota Episode 5

23rd January 2023