Inaam e Mohabbat Episode 4

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Watch Inaam e Mohabbat Episode 4 broadcast by Geo tv telecast on 22nd June 2022.

Inaam e Mohabbat Episode 4 22nd June 2022

Inaam e Mohabbat Episode 4

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Inaam e Mohabbat Episode 4 , daily at Daily 7pm By drama channel. Inaam e Mohabbat Episode 4 in HD quality on dramas online. Inaam e Mohabbat drama cast Adeel Abbas, Aiman Zaman Khan, Ayesha Rajpoot, Becks Khan, Fariha Jabeen, Haroon Shahid, Naveed Raza, Nazish Jahangir, Noshaba Javed, Raeed Alam, Rashid Farooqui

Watch Pakistani drama Inaam e Mohabbat Episode 4 dailymotion drama. Inaam e Mohabbat drama consists of Adeel Abbas, Aiman Zaman Khan, Ayesha Rajpoot, Becks Khan, Fariha Jabeen, Haroon Shahid, Naveed Raza, Nazish Jahangir, Noshaba Javed, Raeed Alam, Rashid Farooqui. The talented cast of this drama will make this serial more excited and entertaining.

Inaam e Mohabbat Episode 4

Sabeen Samiuddin Sehgal is a rich and influential businesswoman with a dominating and controlling demeanour. Sabeen along with her son, Mair and daughter, Sawera leads a comfortable life however Sabeen isn’t aware of her children’s wishes. To further strengthen her business, she wants both of her children to marry according to her own will.On the other hand, Anaya is a young, self-reliant girl who hails from a lower-middle-class family. Anaya’s father has been working as a driver for Sabeen’s household for the past fifteen years. Unaware of Anaya’s family background, Mair falls in love with her however things take an unfortunate turn when Sabeen finds out about their love affair. In efforts to separate Mair and Anaya, Sabeen continues to disturb Anaya and her family. In an effort to destroy Anaya’s life, Sabeen is able to create multiple misunderstandings that eventually take a toll on Mair’s life as well.After facing several troubles and humiliation at the hands of Sabeen, will Anaya stand up for herself? Will Mair be able to realize his mother’s true intentions and defend his love for Anaya?