Bichoo Episode 37

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Watch Bichoo Episode 37 broadcast by Hum tv telecast on 12th June 2022.

Bichoo Episode 37 12th June 2022

Bichoo Episode 37

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Bichoo Episode 37 , daily at Daily 7pm By drama channel. Bichoo Episode 37 in HD quality on dramas online. Bichoo drama cast Afraz Rasool, Ahmed Randhawa, Alma Jaffery, Ayesha Sohail, Beena Chaudhry, Farha Nadir

Watch Pakistani drama Bichoo Episode 37 dailymotion drama. Bichoo drama consists of Afraz Rasool, Ahmed Randhawa, Alma Jaffery, Ayesha Sohail, Beena Chaudhry, Farha Nadir. The talented cast of this drama will make this serial more excited and entertaining.

Bichoo Episode 37

The story of Bichoo drama is different from other dramas. The story of the drama revolves around the lives of two sisters Mahnoor and Afreen. Afreen is an arrogant, arrogant and jealous girl who fights with everyone and looks at everyone with suspicion.While Mahnoor is a sensible, settled and honest girl. Saba falls in love with Abrar and Abraralso starts falling in love with Mahnoor. But Afreen feels bad about their love for each other and she always tries to create misunderstandings between them.Eventually, Afreen marries Abrar’s younger brother and because of her jealousy and arrogance, she is unable to settle down and ruin her life. In this drama, Syeda Tuba is playing the role of Afreen while Maira Malik is playing the role of Mehnoor and Subhan Awan is playing the role of Abrar.